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Despite the title, this was actually quite interesting. It focuses on a presentation given by Hakan Uluer, Investment Coordinator for Polimeks Company. One of the things he talks about is, "Managing your hotel to 80–85% occupancy is more profitable than occasionally having 99% occupancy."

Definitely read this. 
Rochelle Castillejos
Rochelle Castillejos is a recent discovery for me, a hotelier with over 20 years experience, she's been writing articles with a focus on revenue management and operations. Three Common Mistakes Hotels Make is a great introduction to her writing. I'm sure I will be highlighting her more in the future. 
It was the first quarter of the year, hotel audit season for me. I was going to do my annual visits to hotels in the Middle East, and then in the Eastern Europe. I had around 14 audits to finish, I…
I remember a discussion with one of my hotels, “I have no choice, even if I wanted to increase traffic to my website, the moment I lower my rates, OTAs will soon call and demand rate parity. I can’t…
When IBEs (Internet Booking Engines) first introduced this functionality, I was excited to find out how the hotels would use and maximize this incremental revenue opportunity. I was disappointed by…
I had the privilege of being invited as one of the panelists during the last Hotel Show held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It was a very invigorating panel which included veterans in the hotel…
I've mentioned Gentleman's Box before, a monthly service for men to receive new ties, pocket squares, socks, and other goods. For St. Patrick's Day, they're offering a discount on a box from last year. Get it all for $17! Worth it alone for the Harry's razors that it comes with.

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